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Avid traveler, travel writer and photographer. In an earlier life I was a psychologist, but now am an ESL teacher. Very interested in multiculturalism, and how travel can expand one's horizons, understanding and tolerance.

Room with a View

We also thought about the place with the best view from our room and realized that in general none of them really had a good view, except in Dubrovnik. There we stayed at Eddie’s Sea View Rooms (also found on … Continue reading

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Our Award for Best Places to Stay

As I said earlier, many of the places we stayed were fine, but nothing special. But, three that we thought were outstanding were in Prague, in Bled, and on the island of Korcula. And, because they were so nice, we … Continue reading

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Award for the Worst Hotels or B&Bs

  We were gone for a long time on this trip so stayed in many different places. Many were fine, not outstandingly good or bad, so they don’t get a mention I’m afraid! As we discussed this and went through … Continue reading

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Award for the Smallest Bathroom Shower

Nath and Sonya thought this merited a special mention, so here goes! At Hotel Jadran in Zagreb. It had a shower so tiny that when Nath dropped the soap she couldn’t bend over to pick it up. Otherwise, the hotel … Continue reading

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Award for Risqué Statues in Prague

Prague has numerous outdoor art pieces, many beautiful, all interesting or thought-provoking, some rather crude or risqué. Two that our group commented on were what we called “The Penis Statues”. One is inside the entrance gates of the Franz Kafka … Continue reading

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Crowded Cities in Summer

Most Crowded Place(s) on our Trip We traveled through Eastern Europe in June and July, the peak tourist season, as that was the time we were able to be away from life and jobs at home. So, of course pretty … Continue reading

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Another (Difficult) Award

SADDEST PLACES This is a very difficult category to think about, but important. On this trip we visited a number of places that fit this category, I guess partly because the countries we visited were affected badly by events in … Continue reading

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Walking A Long Way

As I said in the previous post, we’ve had fun deciding on our “Awards List”. Today, we’re talking about walking, the most common way that we got  around on our trip. DAYS OF MOST WALKING. Both Sonya and I wore … Continue reading

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Awards Lists

Awards Lists Just for fun, after we got back and we could begin to absorb more about all our travels and experiences and start to sort out and organize all the many photos, we decided to make an Awards List. … Continue reading

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We Fly Home, But It’s Not Over

We fly home, but it’s not all over (Sorry for a long delay in posting here, but I have been ill and rather limited in what I could do. But seem to be on the mend now). And so we … Continue reading

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