Krakow’s Walk of Fame


View down to Vistula River from near the dragon statue

riverKrakow’s Avenue of Stars, or Walk of Fame

Not a notable sight, but fun and unexpected.

I think Hollywood started with the Hollywood Walk of  Fame, and the concept has spread to many other cities. We’ve seen the St Louis Walk of Fame with the stars of famous people from St Louis in the pavement (sidewalk). We’ve also seen the stars of musicians in Memphis, and in Vienna, Austria.

Now, we’ve found another set of stars, here in Krakow.

When we left the Krakow Castle Complex, we went via the Dragon’s Den to check out Smocza the dragon. I wrote about that before—see here


Luc Besson, French film director

From the castle complex we entered a copper-roofed brick building, went down a spiral staircase and through some underground caverns. We came out at the dragon statue quite close to the point where you can start to walk along near the Vistula River. We decided to do that for a bit, and then head back to the main square a different way to how we’d walked that morning.

On the lower riverside pathway behind the caste complex we noticed some pavement (sidewalk) plaques. We only found a few before veering off to head back to the old town, names we mostly didn’t recognize so at first we didn’t take much notice.


Roland Joffé, British-French film director


Andrzej Wajda, Polish film and theater director

It’s a series of brass plaques to famous Polish and French film directors (and apparently also well-known performers Celine Dion, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson, as I found out later) whose names are emblazoned on the plaques with a set of hand prints. There were about a dozen, but the number is growing as more get added. We’d like to get back sometime and actually try to see them all. Who knows, by then there might be many more stars?




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