Our Award for Best Places to Stay

As I said earlier, many of the places we stayed were fine, but nothing special. But, three that we thought were outstanding were in Prague, in Bled, and on the island of Korcula. And, because they were so nice, we of course have many photos!


Prague apartment


Entrance to the apartments is past the Konirn Restaurant



Nath and Sonya enjoy dinner at Konirna

First, in Prague we stayed for 5 days at Charles Bridge Apartments (found through Booking.com), on the Mala Strana side of Charles Bridge. It was a large apartment with two huge bedroom/sitting room areas, a well-fitted kitchen, good bathroom and a washing machine. We were able to buy groceries in a nearby small grocery store and had all our breakfasts in the apartment. We also cooked in one evening and it turned out fine. The apartment block is just off a small square, a few blocks off the main street, so was very quiet. The ground floor of the building has a very nice restaurant called Konirna (inside seating and a patio), where we ate twice.


Hotel Garni Berc, Bled


Different view, different day

bledroomSecond, we loved our hotel in Bled. It’s the Hotel Garni Berc (where Rod and I stayed before when we visited, found through Rick Steves). The hotel, and the Pension Berc next door, are run by the Berc brothers (we met Luke mostly), who are extremely friendly, helpful and hospitable. The attractive buildings are built in an Alpine chalet style, and all rooms have a balcony where we could sit at night and enjoy a glass of wine and the moonlight. The breakfast, which is included in the price, is buffet style and really good.


Apartments Lenni on small street in Old Korcula town


Sonya happy at our outside table


Viv catches up with the journal and enjoys a glass of wine from Korcula


Room with a fish tank

Third, we had a great time at Apartments Lenni in Old Town Korcula (also found through Rick Steves). Lenni himself met us at the boat when we arrived and walked us to the narrow stepped street where the apartments are—good thing as they’d be hard to find by oneself! Lenni is very friendly and helpful with advice and arranging things for his guests. We had two separate small apartments, one on the ground floor, one just above it, and both were nice. Rod and I took the ground floor one, which had a long fish tank separating the bedroom area from the kitchen—very soothing. Nath and Sonya were upstairs, and they had a washing


Nath and Sonya’s room, with a line for wet swim wear

machine, plus special lines outside their window for hanging wet swimsuits etc. We did buy supplies for breakfast here, but didn’t try to cook in—mostly because the many restaurants along the waterfront were just too appealing! A bonus was a small deck on the stepped street with a table, where we could sit and write our journals, relax with a drink etc.



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Avid traveler, travel writer and photographer. In an earlier life I was a psychologist, but now am an ESL teacher. Very interested in multiculturalism, and how travel can expand one's horizons, understanding and tolerance.
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