Walking A Long Way


Nath and Sonya look over Lake Bled to Bled Castle


Sonya in the basement of the Old Palace, Split


Sonya and Nath on Charles Bridge, Prague


Nath and Sonya walking around Lake Bled

As I said in the previous post, we’ve had fun deciding on our “Awards List”. Today, we’re talking about walking, the most common way that we got  around on our trip.

DAYS OF MOST WALKING. Both Sonya and I wore a Fitbit and had fun seeing how much we’d walked each day. Every day we walked a fair bit, some less than others (travel days, or if we went by bus/train/metro) and some a long way.

For each of these 3 days below I tried to choose a few photos that capture what we did and where we went, so have fun scrolling through!



The Island in Lake Bled


Nath walks up to the Island’s church


One place to stop as you walk around Lake Bled


Nath and Viv on a pletna boat

viewfrom castle

View of The Island and Lake Bled from the Castle

Number One: The day with the most walking on my counter was Day 21, at 7.95 miles, at Lake Bled. On that day, Nath, Sonya and I (Rod was at a conference in Potoroz, also Slovenia) walked slowly around Lake Bled (about 3.5 miles), anticlockwise, with many stops to admire the drop-dead views. We also took a pletna boat to The Island (Otok) and walked up to the Church of the Assumption there, and then we walked around Bled Castle up on the hill on the town side of the lake. Back to our hotel and then out again for dinner at Panorama Restaurant on the lake.




narrow street in the Old Palace, Split


walking along the Riva, Split


Sonya greets the “Roman soldiers” in the Old Palace, Split


Viv , ruins in Old Palace


Rod and Viv, part of Old Palace, Split

Number One A: On Sonya’s counter it was Day 28 in Split, at 8.43 miles. That was the day we walked along the Riva (waterfront), through the Palace basement, all through the Old Palace, with its various cathedrals, crypts, temples, and out through the Silver Gate and the Golden Gate. Sonya also walked around on her own a bit, doing some shopping.






View from Prague Castle

Number Two: The second biggest walking day on my counter was Day 11, at 7.6 miles, in Prague. On that day we walked over the famous Charles Bridge to Old Town Square with the Astronomical Clock. Then back over the bridge and up the hill to Prague Castle, which also has St Vitus Cathedral, with lovely views across the city and down to the Vlatava River. We walked back down on the other side of the Castle, past some old vineyards on the hill, where you can stop for a cool drink and/or a glass of wine.


On the way down, we stop for a cool drink and glass of wine


Nath at a shop on Golden Lane, Prague Castle complex


Entrance into Prague Castle complex


St Georges Basilica in Prague Castle complex


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