Cafe Restaurant Palmenhaus





insideSold shirt

Sonya wearing the pre-beer#50 T-shirt

Café Restaurant Palmenhaus

Rod and I have been here a couple of times before, alone, or with friends who were living in Vienna. We really liked the atmosphere and food, so decided to bring Nath and Sonya here after our tour of the Hofburg Apartments. It was also a great setting for Sonya to reach her goal of trying 50 different beers on this trip! In honor of this special milestone we’d bought a special T-shirt, which she put on once beer #50 was on our table!


Sonya with beer #50 and special T-shirt



House lemonade


Cool cucumber soup

We enjoyed our meal a lot and a friendly waiter gave very good service. Servings were quite large. Rod, Nath and I had the house lemonades (freshly-squeezed lemons and lots of chopped fresh mint), as it was a very hot day, while Sonya had a Zwickl beer (#50)! Nath took a salad and pork dish; Rod potato soup and pork; Sonya cool cucumber soup and pork; Viv cucumber soup and spinach strudel. Followed by 2 espressos, Earl Grey tea and chocolate-raspberry torte.




The restaurant is inside the Palm House, one of the greenhouses of the former Hofburg Palace in the Emperor’s private garden. It’s on the edge of the Burggarten and you can approach either through the garden or from the Albertina Platz side. Converted into a bar/restaurant and a separate Butterfly House, Sonya50the décor is delicate Art Nouveau ironwork and glass set in a stone structure. It was built by Friedrich Ohmann between 1901and 1907. The interior is beautiful, green and soothing, with palm trees and a giant screen above the very long bar. Or, in good weather you can choose to sit outside on the terrace overlooking the gardens.

It’s open 10am-midnight and serves mostly Mediterranean-style cuisine.



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