Places to Eat in Vienna


P8220072.JPGThe Rosenberger Mark

ROSENBERGER MARKT RESTAURANT, Maysedergasse 2, (a very short street between Kartnergasse and Albertinaplatz—the Vienna Tourist Information Office is on the corner across from the Albertina Museum).

Another of our favorites in Vienna, so we wanted to bring Nath and Sonya here too. This is a huge place on three levels: a souvenir and coffee shop on ground level as you enter off the street; the restaurant is two levels down, the food arranged in an airy central atrium with a large fake tree in the middle; seating is around the food court, and on the next level up, overlooking the food court, much of it in smaller open rooms, all decorated with pictures and/or pretty plates on the walls. Toilets are on the bottom level. In the warm weather, they also put out tables with umbrellas on the pavement outside but, as you can imagine, those tables are at a premium!



Sonya with cake and beer on our final night

The enormous selection of buffet-style food is fresh and tastefully displayed, and prices are very reasonable. Dishes range from soups, to salads, to cold meats and sandwiches, to hot cooked meat dishes, to desserts and fresh fruit. They also have a number of cakes and tortes, including the famous sacher torte (chocolate, with apricot jam), which is much cheaper here than at the legendary Sacher Café around the corner.

Over the years, this has become one of our favorites in Vienna for a number of reasons. For me, it’s very easy to eat there alone (if Rod is busy at a conference), as it’s self-serve. A couple of lunch times, I made up a great salad from their salad bar—besides regular salad ingredients, there are cooked vegetables (pickled or plain), various antipasta items, nuts and seeds to sprinkle etc. (A huge salad plate and a bread roll cost me €5.25—remember, you pay for each bread roll and butter patty; a small salad and bread roll cost me €3.65 another day). In addition, there’s a huge selection and the foods are very fresh. It’s good to put together a good fresh salad as in general Rod and I have found over the years that the meals here are rather low on salads and vegetables. Strange. Too much food is breaded and fried and we got tired of that.



Selfie of the 4 of us

They also have schnitzel, potatoes, fries, cold meats, cheeses, noodles and sauces, soups, coffee and cakes, and all kinds of drinks. The waiters who clear tables wear green outfits, and the waitresses wear dirndls—pretty Alpine-style dresses with full skirts and fitting bodice. It’s a bustling, cheerful place, very popular, even with locals who seem to come in for coffee and cake and a chat. It also seems to be used by Italian tour groups.

Rod and I have been here on a Saturday night, after an early concert, so that we could choose our own food and not have to have more fatty fried food. Also at night it’s not nearly as busy and it’s quite relaxing to do our own thing and not have to worry about tips, when to leave etc.

So, we wanted to bring Nath and Sonya here too. We came one lunch time and were very


Wine and supplies to finish the travel journal on our final night

happy again with soups, salad and nice bread. Fresh and tasty as always, but not that cheap when compared to the countries we’d just come from!

It was very close to our hotel, so on our last evening in Vienna, and for our whole wonderful trip, we popped in again after our evening meal elsewhere, for a final wine and beer, and a couple of cakes, and catching up on the travel journal. A bitter-sweet moment.

Open regular shopping hours.




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