Vienna’s Grand Cafes: Tirolerhof




Cafe Tirolerhof is in an attractive Judendstil building

outside2Tirolerhof is on the corner of Fuhrich Gasse and Tegsetthoffstr, opposite the tiny triangular park next to Albertinaplatz, just 2 blocks up from the Staatsoper. Albertinaplatz has some very interesting outdoor sculptures, which we walked past a number of times (see a later post).

As many people know, Vienna is famous for its coffee culture and cafes and has been for hundreds of years. Many have become legendary, and much sought-after by visitors. Over the years, we have been to many of the famous ones, but Rod and I had never been to this café before on our previous trips to Vienna.


We sat next to a window to watch the outside activity…


…and admire the old-world charm of the inside


Croissants, coffee and tea

Café Tirolerhof was very close to our hotel this time and we passed it on the way to the Hofburg and decided we had to try it. The café is on the ground level of an attractive restored Jugendstil building with many interesting faces on the façade, and window boxes along one side facing the street. Inside, it’s not as opulent or grand as Café Central, for example, and more in the newspaper/worker/student mode than a huge touristy place, but very nice. It’s still a classic café full of things that are a sign of the golden age of Vienna cafes: chandeliers, marble tables, upholstered booths, waiters in tuxes, and newspapers.

We had breakfast there one morning—tea and coffee and a croissant with nuts, which croissant2wasn’t really a croissant at all, but a rather dense pastry with nuts. But still good. It wasn’t crowded the morning we were there and service was pretty good—no sign of the supposedly legendary snooty waiters at these grand cafes!

We’re told that the goulasch and apple strudel are good, so we need to return one day. We lingered and enjoyed the view of life passing by through the huge arched windows, and of the ambience inside.

Definitely one to return to.


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