Mostar: Dinner at Sadrvan





The fountain


Rod at our table

Dinner at Restoran Sadrvan (which means “fountain”)

Jusovina 11, open daily 10am-12am

This is in the Old Town on the other side of the river from the Coppersmiths Street, over the Old Bridge. Eddie, our Guest House host in Dubrovnik, recommended a place to eat in Mostar and we went looking for it. It’s close to Sadrvan, which looked much nicer so we chose this instead. Although it is rather touristy, it was a great place and we’d definitely return if we are ever back in Mostar.


Sonya at our table


VRThey have a pleasant garden-type setting with a tree near the fountain, a leafy green trellis “wall”, very good service and good food. Servers are in traditional costume, which makes for a nice touch in that setting. Prices are reasonable too, main dishes for under 20 KM (around US$12) usually.



A big plate



We shared two of the special “big plates”. These are sort of like a Balkan “mixed grill” with various typical grilled meats. It’s served with a pita-like grilled bread, called Lepinje, rice, and stuffed cabbage. Traditionally this platter also comes with diced raw onions, ajvar and kajmak, and we had those too. Ajvar is a very popular side dish in the Balkan countries: made from red bell peppers and eggplant, it is delicious. Kajmak is a soft spreadable cheese.

We enjoyed the whole meal a lot.



A small menu blooper: Snowplakes salad!





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