Panoramic Views from Panorama


View from the top cable car station


Nath and Sonya in the cable car



Selfie from the cable car station


In Dubrovnik (Croatia) the restaurant on top of Mount Srd (pronounced ‘surge’) behind the walled medieval city is aptly named “Panorama”. We went up in the cable car, and from the top the view can only be described as spectacular—beyond the mountain to more mountains that are in Bosnia-Herzogovenia, across a small bay to the island of Lokrum, and on the other side straight down to the medieval city. We were so high up here that we could see the city layout just as it is on maps! The only thing the layout cannot tell us from here is how steep the narrow streets within the walls are.




How’s that for a view!

Rod and I had been here on our previous visit and were so impressed that we wanted to bring Nath and Sonya on this trip.

The restaurant bills itself as “The restaurant with the most beautiful view on the Adriatic coast” and we have to agree.

We went up on the cable car (108 kuna return, about US$16) and also enjoyed the views as we went up and down. We bought tickets at the cable car, but some shops at the bottom where you leave the top city gate also sell them at the same price. We tried to go up early-ish (about 9am) to try and avoid some of the heat later in the day. It was fine for visiting the Museum of Homeland War in the fort up on Mt Srd and for lunch, but was brutally hot once we got back down into Dunrovnik.


The tables at Panorama are shaded by white umbrellas


4vivew2For lunch, again we were lucky to get the best table right on the edge overlooking the city, and we voted this the “Best Lunch View” ever (so far anyway!). An amazing view, a pleasant breeze, friendly service and excellent food. They serve Mediterranean cuisine, for lunch and dinner (might be fun to try that in the evening).



Our delicious trilogiya salad

Sonya had a beer, Rod and I a glass of rose wine, and we all had tea or coffee afterwards. menuRod and I had the trilogiya salad (3 types of seafood), which was wonderful. Nath and Sonya had a green salad with feta, and a small cheese plate with preserves—also great.

Definitely recommended. A special place.




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