Eating in Dubrovnik: Lady Pi-Pi




Sonya and Lady Pi-Pi!

Lady Pi-Pi: Named after a voluptuous, very graphic statue at the entrance.

Rod and I had been to Lady Pi-Pi on our last visit to Dubrovnik, on the recommendation of our apartment landlady. We loved it, for many reasons, and wanted to take Nath and Sonya here this time.

The weather was extremely hot and this restaurant is right at the top end of a very steep lane—Nath was rather uncomfortable in the heat so we almost didn’t go there. But, what a great thing that we did make the trek up there.

Pi-Pi is situated right next to part of the old city walls on the top end of the city, making for an atmospheric setting.



Our table was perfect

stairstrellisLuckily we just got a table, at about 6:30pm, as soon after that there were lines of people waiting. Our table was perfect, just in a corner at the entrance, next to a low wall topped with potted plants, fresh air blowing through. The restaurant doesn’t accept groups or reservations, and it’s easy to see why: there’s limited seating, and often you have to share a table with others (as Rod and I did the first time). Seating is on 2 levels, all covered with a leafy vine trellis, festooned with huge bunches of grapes when we were there.

Some of the tables upstairs have a lovely view out over the city, but it can be very hot up there as some of the tables are next to the large bricked grill fire, where all the meat and seafood are cooked—apparently the only restaurant in Dubrovnik to cook that way.


Where all the food is cooked


Quite a view from the top level


Sonya and Nath with their seafood platter


Rod and Viv and our seafood platter

The food is fabulous, but this place is also well-known because of its statue, the very graphic Lady Pi-Pi (which may have been a fountain once). Prices are reasonable and the service was good, with friendly wait staff.

We chose the seafood platters—2 people share a wonderful mix of seafood, beautifully presented and truly delicious.

One of our favorite places to eat overseas.


The name says it all!



One of the best seafood platters ever!


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