Staying in Dubrovnik


That’s quite a view from our window!


VroomIn Dubrovnik we stayed at Eddie’s Sea View Rooms, Old Town. The rooms are in an old house, just outside the main city walls, by the Pile Gate (main entrance into the old walled city). On a previous visit we had stayed at a place in the old town, but decided against that as the streets in the old town are very steep, very narrow, and cobbled, and the cobbles can get very slippery—we didn’t want to risk any of us falling, least of all Nath.

This turned out to be a good choice, as it’s easy to find and get to, just off the big square outside Pile Gate with a Tourist Information Office and close to a bus station. But, it’s not facing the street, so there’s very little night noise. The rooms are in the house that Edi Macinko grew up in, and his parents and grandparents. He now runs this with his brother, who lives on the ground floor, while Edi lives on the top floor. Edi gives out maps and information, and dispenses advice and personal information—quite a character.


View up to the old fort



Lunch at Restaurant Orhan

The rooms were pretty reasonable with good beds and bathrooms, a fridge and kettle so we could do our own breakfasts, and a/c, which was essential, as the weather was extremely hot. Our room had a nice view out to the small cove below where kayak ‘tours’ started, many brightly-colored kayaks bobbing on the water. On the far side of the cove the Fort of St Lawrence rises steeply and on the other we could easily see parts of the Old City walls. But the other room had no view to speak of.


Restaurant Orhan is a great lunch place



Sonya enjoys a crepe for dessert

Restaurant Orhan is also on the cove, and a great place for lunch, which is where we went our first day. Tables have real cloths and flowers and it’s great to sit and watch the activity on the water below. We all had various salads, all of which were excellent.

Note, that you have to pay Edi on arrival and preferably in euros.



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