Dinners in Old Town Korcula

waterfrontnight copy

Waterfront walkway at night


View out from waterside table


Eating in Korcula’s Old Town

I wrote about lunches before so, now, dinner time:

Note: I have a lot of pictures for this, so please be patient and scroll through.




fortecawineTwo places along the waterfront walkway that we really enjoyed were Cupido, and Komin. Both offer meals with an amazing view and a romantic setting. We all love seafood and were so happy to take advantage of the wonderful fresh offerings. In fact, on Korcula I don’t think any of us had meat as a main course. And on Korcula we certainly never had a meal we were disappointed in.



Sonya and Nath enjoy their scallops



Fish soup


Prosciutto for starters


Viv and Rod enjoy their mussels

One evening we picked Cupido for dinner. We got a table right up against the seawall and could watch various boats go by, including the tourist red semi-submarine, which seemed popular with visitors. We also watched the sunset, changing the sea from bright blue to silver, and the hills on the nearby islands from green to gold.

Starters were fish soup, Dalmatian prosciut (Croatian for prosciutto) and 2 salads. To drink, a bottle of water, a Croatian Toveno beer, and a bottle of Forteca wine (dry white from Croatia). The main plates were two scallops dishes and two bowls of mussels. All delicious. Total for all that for 4 people was 615 kuna, about US$89.


Komin: sunset view




Selfie of us 4 at Komin

NSAnother evening we ate at Komin, also along the seawall, and luckily we got a “ringside” table again. Talk about eating with a view! We started with octopus salad, and moved on to shrimp and fish dishes. Our wine that night was Rukatac, a white from Korcula.




Delicious octopus salad


Another great local white wine


The red sub floats by





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