Eating in Korcula Old Town: Lunch

waterfrontday copy

Seawall walk lined with places to eat


How’s that for lunch with a view?!

Old Town Korcula has a large number of cafes and restaurants, especially along the waterfront and at the point of the peninsula. So, making a choice of where to eat is quite difficult as most of them look attractive and the food we saw being served looked great.

So, for us it was pretty random really: if the menu looked good with reasonable prices, and if they had a table for us (preferably on the edge of the waterfront), then we went there.

We were not disappointed in any of the choices and were delighted with the view out over the sea. I’ll spotlight just a few of these great places. I’m feeling hungry just looking at these pictures again!


Marco Polo restaurant (konoba) is up a narrow alley



Selfie of the 4 of us at Marco Polo

First, lunch time:

We went for lunch on our first day in Korcula at Marco Polo, partly because our apartment host recommended it and partly because it was just two buildings further up the stepped lane from our apartment. For wine, we had a glass of Stolno. Sonya and I tried the mushroom soup, and Rod and Nath had the fish broth, then we all had the Marco Polo salad (lettuce, tomatoes, feta cheese, anchovies). Everything was fresh and very good.


Marco Polo salad


Marco Polo

SNviewAnother lunch was at Račiška on the seawall walkway, where we had various salads, bread, a Račiška plate, mineral water, Croatian Ozujsko beer, a chocolate drink and coffees, for a total of 418 kuna, about US$ 61.




Views and food


Quite an appetizer


Sonya and Nath discuss the menu

redsub2Besides the good food, the view out was great—across the bay to the mountains, with the odd boat passing by, or the tourist red submarine.





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