Apartment in Old Town Korcula


Looking down “our” lane


And going up


Downstairs apartment

Apartments Lenni

When we planned to stay on Korcula, we knew we needed to have accommodation pre-booked. So, we consulted our trusty Rick Steves Eastern Europe and sent out a few enquiries.

The best option was offered by Apartments Lenni, and it was a great choice. Lenni and Peter/Pero have a number of apartments and rooms in Old Town Korcula, and we got 2 double apartments/studios.

We notified them (via email) when we would arrive and Pero met us at the dock, to escort us to the apartments, a short walk away. Might be hard to find on one’s own at first, as the streets are so narrow and not all seemed to be marked. Pero speaks good English and was happy to explain anything about Korcula to us. We walked up a narrow stepped lane that leads up off the waterfront walk, and the apartments are about half-way up.


A place to hang wet swim wear


Enjoying wine at “our” table on the lane


Sonya in our lane

Rod and I had a ground-floor apartment, and Nath and Sonya had the one directly above us. Each one has a sleeping area, a dining area, a kitchen area in an open plan, plus a bathroom. The kitchen is fully equipped so one could easily cook in —we only ate breakfast in the room, and had lunch and dinner out. In our downstairs apartment, the kitchen area was separated from the sleeping area by a large fish tank—a nice touch and rather soothing. One of the apartments had a washing machine—very useful. And there was wifi, so we could keep connected.


Writing the journal and enjoying the wine in the cool of early evening


A bottle of local wine

Just outside our front door was a bench on the stepped street, where we could sit and enjoy the breeze and the view, have coffee/tea in the morning, or a drink in the evening before going out for dinner.

It was the perfect location and if we ever return I hope that Apartments Lenni are still open and we can stay there.

See http://www.korcula-apartments.com/index.php?accommodationkorcula=27&apartment=1&croatia=1


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Avid traveler, travel writer and photographer. In an earlier life I was a psychologist, but now am an ESL teacher. Very interested in multiculturalism, and how travel can expand one's horizons, understanding and tolerance.
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