Water and Wine


Soul Bistro in Budapest


A Georgian wine we had in Ljubljana

And now for something a bit different and a bit of fun, as a bridge between Split and Korcula on our travels.

As you may remember from when I started writing this blog, Nath was pregnant on the trip. She did really well, and the only thing that really bothered her was the summer heat in some places. Another, more minor, irritation was that she couldn’t sample any of the great wines and beers that we found along the way.

At dinner times, Rod, Sonya and I could try the local beer and/or wine, and had fun comparing and contrasting. For the first week or so, Nath would just order plain water, which did seem rather boring! But, at some point, we found that some of the bottled waters had interesting names too, and some bottles had fun sayings on them. So, for fun, we started taking pictures of the water too!


Water in Ljubljana

Well why not, as it was a big part of the trip and of the whole experience.

Here’s a small selection of the waters and the wines (and a couple of beers) along the way. Not all places on the trip are covered—-that would get too encyclopedic!

First photos in Budapest, at Soul Bistro on Raday Utca.





A very good Hungarian rose

Next we moved to Slovenia, to Ljubljana. Here Nath tried a typical Slovenian drink called Cockta, a type of cola with an unusual flavor (supposedly from berries, lemon, orange and herbs). It was originally called “Cockta-Cockta” and introduced during the communist period when Coca-Cola was difficult to get. When the Iron Curtain fell, real coke became available again and sales of Cockta plunged. But, apparently nostalgic Slovenes are trying to revive interest in drinking this again.

Nath was happy to try but didn’t like it very much—said it was too sweet and rather syrupy.



A light refreshing Slovenian beer

Then to Lake Bled in Slovenia. A delightful place.


Slovenian wine in Bled


The next photos are from Split, Croatia. I’ve written a lot about Split, so you can tell that we really enjoyed it.


Water bottle in Split says “Love is all I need to fix my world”


Wine in Split, with writing in the Glagolitic language

From Split, we caught a catamaran to the island of Korcula, a wonderful place to relax for a while.


Water bottle on Korcula says “Never give up. No one knows what is going to happen next”


Rukatac is a local white wine from Korcula

After visiting Dubrovnik, we went to Bosnia-Herzegovina for a quick visit to Mostar.



Sarajevo beer in Mostar


Water in Sarajevo

After Mostar, a couple of nights in Sarajevo, also very interesting but also rather sobering, as the scars of war are still very evident, as is the case in Mostar too.




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