Food Fit For The Gods


Rear facade of the Temple of Jupiter by day


The courtyard at night

Split: Pizzeria Jupiter Offers Food Fit For The Gods

Imagine sitting in a small outdoor courtyard, in the shadow of an old Roman temple, gazing up at the Roman frieze, with parts of Roman columns behind you and a Renaissance palace to the side. Indeed a setting fit for the gods.

Well, there is just such a place in Old Town Split.

In the tiny courtyard behind the former Temple of Jupiter (now the St. John’s Baptistery), just off Peristyle, are 4 small restaurants, their tables all spilling out into the open space. One is Pizzeria Jupiter, which we chose, not for pizza but because as we wandered through the courtyard we saw that it had amazing seafood platters. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, as Split is right on the sea!


A seafood platter fit for the gods


Whole dorado fish


Sonya and Nath are very happy with their choice!

Nath and Sonya chose the mixed seafood platter for 2 and it was wonderful and not too badly priced at 395 kuna (about US$ 57). It was an enormous platter that even those two seafood lovers had trouble finishing! Rod was happy to step in and help out a bit!

Rod and I shared an octopus salad (88 kuna, or US$ 12.50) and then had a whole dorado fish each (also called gilthead), also very nice, and well-priced at 135 kuna each (less than US$20).

With a bottle of local while wine, a beer and mineral water, our total was 775 kuna (US$ 112 for 4 people), which is very reasonable, even in this touristy spot.



Someone has to start!


Rod is happy to help with the platter!








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Avid traveler, travel writer and photographer. In an earlier life I was a psychologist, but now am an ESL teacher. Very interested in multiculturalism, and how travel can expand one's horizons, understanding and tolerance.
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