Dolac—Zagreb’s Market



3generalview**Note: This article is very picture-heavy, as it’s so photogenic. But please scroll through and enjoy.

Zagreb’s daily market is called Dolac. It’s a colorful, buzzing, must-see, often under-rated place, bustling with both locals and tourists.

Even if you don’t plan on buying anything, it’s a fascinating place to stroll around and feel the vibe of the town and the people. This is the place to experience local flavors, see local people going about their daily routine, feel the pulse of the town, and simply enjoy. We’ve been twice and, even though it was summer and hot, the market was still a lot of fun. It’s easy to find a café and have a cool lemonade, while looking out over the hustle and bustle.



viewtocathedralDolac is up behind Jelacic Square (the main city square), going slightly left, towards Gradec, one of Zagreb’s original villages (the other, to the right, is Kaptol).

This farmers’ market has been the city’s main trading place since 1926, when city authorities set up a market space on the border between the Upper and Lower Town. Farmers from surrounding villages come to sell home-made foodstuffs, fresh produce, honey, dried fruits and nuts, and traders from around the country come with crafts, ornaments etc.




6statueFrom Jelacic Square go along a street slightly to the left, lined with fresh flower stalls and stands, a mini-flower market called Splavnica. Then go up the steps and you’ll arrive at the open market in a large square, with a bronze statue of a market woman at the start of the stalls, all with bright red umbrellas.

The market is packed with colorful stalls selling produce of all kinds; the produce is colorful and arranged enticingly, but the color of the light is also interesting, as the sun shines through the red umbrellas. At the back left corner is the indoor fish market (ribarnica), and below the outdoor market is the large indoor hall (trznica), where farmers sell fresh eggs and dairy products (lovely cheeses), meat, fresh pastas, breads.




Meat downstairs



Wonderful fish market


Small market church

Just behind the arcade on the left is the small market church. One day when we were there, there was a mass mid-morning, especially for the market-goers.

If you walk a block or so to the right, you’ll come to the main cathedral (Katedrala).

Market hours: Mon-Fri 6:30 am-3pm, Sat to 2pm, Sun to1pm.





Buying honey







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