A “Fine” Meal in Zagreb


Fajn Bistro is on the square with the old Watch Tower


Fajn Bistro building


We sat outside on the square

 Fajn Bistro, Zagreb

Petrinjska 73

We were wandering around Gradec old town in Zagreb and needed lunch before visiting the Museum of Broken Relationships. We just happened on this place and were very happy with it.

Fajn” Bistro is pronounced almost like “fine” with roughly the same meaning. It is in old town Gradec on the hill, just behind the Strossmeyer Promenade (which was being worked on when we were there, so not quite as nice as when Rod and I first visited).

The bistro is on a big open square with trees, overlooking the tower (an old watch Tower called Burglar’s Tower built in the 13th century after the Tatars ransacked Central Europe) at the top of the small funicular up the hill. The day was very hot, and we opted to sit outside. It was basically okay with some shade, from the trees and white shade awnings, and a bit of a breeze.




Sonya is on her way to tasting 50 different beers!

The server comes outside from the restaurant on the edge of the square to get one’s order, and then to carry the food and drinks. The menu and menu board are written in both Croatian and English, which is very helpful for visitors.

All-in beer for Sonya (23 kuna)—a local beer

2 glasses rose wine (50 kuna)

2 proscuitto plates (120 kuna)

2 cheese plates (130 kuna)

2 coffees (40 kuna).


Rod is very happy with his platter

Total 363 kuna (about US$53)

The platters were all very good, beautifully presented on slate plates.

Definitely recommended. Would probably be even nicer in cooler weather.




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