Ribca: Last Stop in Ljubljana



Rica is just above the water, behind the arches


Inside, tables overlooking the river

Ribca: A Fantastic Fish Meal in Ljubljana

Ribca means ‘fish’ in Slovenian.

This lovely riverside place is almost literally on the water, under the first stretch of market colonnade as you approach from the Triple Bridge side. Look for a small staircase going down, which is easy to miss. At the bottom, the fish market is to your left and the restaurant to your right.

This is a wonderful place for lunch as prices are reasonable and portions pretty good, and you can’t beat the view. Tables are set out in a long line along the colonnade next to the concrete balustrades, most overlooking the river, although a few are along the inside wall. As you eat, a few boats will likely pass by just below (many with singing tourists) and the sound of water swishing is very soothing. It’s also great just to sit and have a beer, coffee of glass of wine and look up at the Triple Bridge, and the pink Franciscan Church.


Sonya and Nath admire the view…


…and what a view it is!

2ROdWe’ve eaten lunch here a number of times, and each meal was great. You can pick from the set menu, or ask for the menu with English that has a few other items on it too—like fish salads. The fish is absolutely fresh (from the fish market next door) and beautifully prepared, the salads are excellent and the wait staff very friendly. You can also get the famous Slovenian dessert/cake called gibanica (see my earlier post, under Lake Bled).

According to the board at the entrance, Hours are Mon 8-4, Tues-Sat 8am-9pm, Sunday 11-6, and closed on holidays. The menu also lists the various allergens possible in each dish (as I mentioned in the article on Aroma Café). If we are ever lucky enough to be back in Ljubljana we will make a point of eating here one evening too.


Squid salad, and a plate of sardines. Both delicious


Fried fish and salad—not oily at all


The menu (this one English) explains the various allergens in the dishes

After one of our lunches here, we caught the train to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. So, Zagreb coming up!


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