Classic Slovenian Desserts



Sonya and Nath about to tackle our kremna rezina–a wonderful view from Panorama Restaurant


kremna rezina

Classic Lake Bled and Slovenian Desserts

Lake Bled and Bled town have also become well-known for a special cake, which is advertised all over town. This is a cream cake called kremna rezina (KYAYM-nah ray-ZEE-nah). It’s a layer of cream and a thick layer of vanilla custard sandwiched between sheets of delicate crispy crust. For us, it was a wonderful afternoon snack with coffee and tea at the Panorama Restaurant in Bled, right on the lake. Besides the tasty cake, we had an unsurpassed view of the lake and Bled. We’re told that Slovenes come from all over to sample this decadent treat.




gibanica in Ljubljana

Another cake that’s famous in Slovenia (not just around Bled) is gibanica (gee-bah-NEET-seh), which originated in the Hungarian corner of Slovenia. This pastry is filled with poppy seeds, walnuts, apple and cheese and drizzled with rum. We ate this a couple of times in Ljubljana, with tea or coffee, and it’s very rich but delicious—more tasty I’d say than the kremna rezina, but I’m sure the folks from Bled would strongly disagree!

Another dessert that’s less well-known but supposedly just as tasty is grmada—a way of using the previous day’s cake, and layering it with rum, raisins, custard and whipped cream. We never got to taste this one.



Rod and Sonya enjoy gibanica in Ljubljana, with a view!






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  1. worldwidewanderingblog says:

    You can’t go to Bled and not have a cream slice! It featured on my Bled blog post too


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