Wandering Around Lake Bled

               Bled, Slovenia: Walking Around Lake Bled



lake2Part A: Taking a Walk

Nath, Sonya and I spent a few days in Bled while Rod attended a conference in Potoroz on the Slovenian coast. Rod and I had been here before and loved it, so I wanted to share it with Nath and Sonya.

The town of Bled is on the edge of Lake Bled, a beautiful mountain resort area in north Slovenia. Lake Bled has an idyllic alpine panorama, as it’s surrounded by mountains, and has a fairy-tale island, a hanging medieval castle, a promenade around the lake, and Slovenia’s famous dessert (see later).


Enter a captionLake activities on offer

NScastleThis has been a popular place since Hapsburg days, for visiting dignitaries, but also for local people. It’s a lovely place to just relax—walk around the lake, take a boat ride, enjoy a coffee while savoring the picture-postcard-perfect views, walk up to the castle for amazing views down to the lake and across to the mountains, dip your feet in the water, go to the island and ring the bell at the church.

Lake Bled is 1.5 miles long and the town is on the east end. The lakefront is lined with cafes and resort hotels, and a block inland is a small shopping complex.


Sonya greets a swan


You can also go round by horse and carriage


One of the villas

The meandering path around the lake is about 3.5 miles and makes a lovely peaceful walk, as no motorized boats are allowed on the lake. On the south side is the small village of Mlino with nearby Vila Bled, which once was Tito’s villa. Enjoyable, serene, scenic. It takes about 2 hours to walk round—more if you stop and linger to enjoy the scenery and take photos—passing some lovely 19th century villas along the way. We saw many swans and ducks on the lake, especially at the ends where there are more people, swimming areas etc. Many are mute swans (see later). We also saw fishermen, although fishing is officially prohibited (see later too).


A model pletna boat



approach island

Approaching the island on a pletnta

We ambled slowly all around the lake one day, starting mid-morning, stopping for lunch at a café in Mlino. It was a hot day, but the shady path made it a pleasant walk, plus there are places to stop and have an icecream (Nath and Sonya were very happy to do that!) or a coffee/cool drink. Later we took a Pletna boat to the island (more on the island and the pletna boats in a later post).

We found this a great spot to just relax and “re-charge our batteries” a bit.


In a villa garden


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