Eating in Ljubljana


Riverside promenade


At our table at Aroma—it was good: nothing left on those plates!

2NplateEating in LJU—Part 1: Aroma Cafe

Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, is a charming city—fairly small, and easy to get around the Old Town, clustered under the castle-topped mountain and strung along the Ljubljanica River. It’s been at a crossroads of cultures for hundreds of years, so is very cosmopolitan (including in the food choices!). There are many al fresco cafes and restaurants along the leafy riverside promenade and along the old cobble-stoned pedestrian street in Old Town, and it’s fun to just wander along, stop for a drink and watch the world go by. It’s also fun to pick a place to eat, although that’s a little arbitrary as most places look good and are well patronized. Rod and I were here a few years earlier and, by trial and error, found a handful of cafes that we loved and returned to. So, we wanted to take Nath and Sonya there this trip.




View from Ugly Duckling Bridge to Triple Bridge and the pink Franciscan Church of St Mary

First stop, for a very late lunch the day we arrived from Budapest, was Aroma. It’s on the river promenade and next to the “Ugly Duckling Bridge”, a plain wooden bridge (maybe that’s why it got its nickname), and with a lovely view up to the Castle.

Aroma serves wonderful cheese and meat plates, so a couple of those were perfect for that occasion. Sonya had her first Slovenian beer (do you remember that I told you that she is on a “Beer Challenge”—to try 50 different beers on this trip?), and Rod and I were happy to sip a cool glass of Slovenian white wine.


Looking up to the Castle from our table



Something very interesting we noticed on the menu here—and around Slovenia generally—is that they list the various allergens that are in different foods/dishes. This menu explains in Slovenian, English and Italian. They are listed by number. “Dear Guests: Our cuisine uses foods that may be considered allergens. (1=wheat flour/gluten….etc).” See the photo below.




First Slovenian beer


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