“Meet the Locals”, #3


At Lake Bled, Slovenia

Bled2More fun, and different “locals”

At gorgeous Lake Bled in Slovenia the weather was hot and sunny and we strolled around the whole lake. There are plenty of geese, ducks and swans at various points. Sonya (and some young kids) tried saying hallo to one of the swans, but it was a risky business!

In Zagreb, capital of Croatia, Nath posed with a young lady dressed in a very pretty national costume, as part of advertising for a souvenir shop.


Nath in Zagreb with a girl in pretty traditional costume


How about those Roman soldiers?!

Split, on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, has some of the best Roman ruins outside of Italy. In the 4th century AD, the Roman Emperor Diocletian built a huge palace there, as he wanted to retire to his native Dalmatia. Much of the palace still remains, and many of the old buildings and small streets that were inside the old palace walls. (More on Split later).

In the center of the palace are Peristyle Square and the Cathedral of St Dominus. In this area, particularly, you can see young men dressed up as Roman soldiers. They are quite happy to pose with tourists.



Dubrovnik, further south along the Dalmatian coast, is considered by many to be the Dubrovnik“jewel” of the coast—and unfortunately, the number of tourists there mirrors that. But, it’s still lovely. The main street of the old town is the Stradun, and along it, and the squares off it, you’ll find many mimes and buskers of different kinds. Sonya greeted a guy in gold and both were happy.





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