Budapest: Lunch at the “Golden Barrel”


Great view of Mathias Church from our table


Nath and Sonya waiting for lunch

Borozo-Sorozo Arany Hordo Vendeglo at 16 Tarnok utca

Arany Hordo means Golden Barrel, and the view is golden too as you look straight up the street to the spires of Mathias Church and the Trinity Statue, commemorating victims of the 1691 plague epidemic.

The Castle Hill District in Budapest is probably near the top of most people’s list of what to visit in this historic city. We were no exception and spent a day visiting some of the main sights, notably Mathias Church, Fisherman’s Bastion, and the Hospital in the Rock.



Simple dishes, but great

Of course, the day had to include lunch. We had passed this place earlier as we walked north from the changing of the guards and the old ruins of a medieval monastery and church towards Mathias Church. Tarnok utca is an old street lined with old buildings, and this one stood out. We were intrigued by the first-floor overhang and a suit of armor at the front entrance, plus the bright red-white checked table cloths looked very inviting. So we returned.

It’s a very popular place, as it’s on one of the main streets running roughly north-south up on the hill and literally thousands of tourists pass by.


Although now very touristy, you can still get a good Hungarian meal and even though it’s busy, we found the wait staff pretty helpful. We were delighted when they said to wait a few minutes and we could have a table outside on the small street terrace.

I had a fish soup, while Nath, Sonya and Rod had goulash soup, and we shared two very


Pharmacy sign

nice salads. Rod and Sonya had a beer and I had a glass of white wine, a Matias Keknyelu 2013.

Prices were fairly reasonable. Our verdict: a perfect place for a casual lunch.

The place right next door was built as a merchant’s house in Classicist style with Baroque elements at the beginning of the 15th century. From 1740-1913 it was the Golden Eagle Pharmacy, and is now a small museum, the Arany Sas Patika at Tarnok Utca 18. Pre-arranged visits only.



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