Budapest’s Rombusz Terrace-Garden


Looks very appealing as we walk by


The name is lit up at night

Rombusz Terrace-Beer Garden

10-12 Raday Utca, towards the Kalvin ter (square) end

Open daily 10am-midnight

Our hotel (Ibis) was on Raday utca, a street that we discovered has many wonderful cafes, bars, and restaurants. We were also told that local Budapest folk prefer to come to this area, rather than the more touristy (and expensive) Vaci utca.


Nath, Sonya and Rod say “cheers”


Looking toward the stage

The first evening, as we strolled along Raday utca, we immediately noticed this terrace-garden. Rombusz is a fairly large area enclosed by a low fence on the street side and by part of a huge old city wall and the back of a tall building on the far side. It looked bright and cheerful, with a red color scheme, and was bustling with people.

They have a food truck parked along the wall and in the center of the terrace-garden is a small roofed bar, open at the sides. There are tables and chairs with red umbrellas, a nice stage at the end, lots of trees, some grassy areas, and plenty of places to park your bikes. It’s also a dog- and family-friendly place (important in countries where dogs are ubiquitous!)



A very cheerful place

In the warm weather it functions as a creative leafy community space with the stage, table tennis, and table soccer; and in the winter, it is converted into an ice rink.

Locals think it’s a great place to hang out with friends and prices are very reasonable too. We stopped for a beer and it was great fun to sit and watch the local action. You can also get draught prosecco and many varieties of palinka, the famous Hungarian fruit brandy (but we didn’t).

We are told that future plans here include book presentations, jazz evenings, cool fashion shows, and even stand-up comedy nights.




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