Fun Moments: Meet the “Locals”

Fun Moments: Meet The “Locals”

Throughout this Eastern Europe trip, we had many opportunities to interact with some of the local people in various places, or with local fixtures/features/mannequins. It was always done spontaneously and sure added to our enjoyment of the whole trip, as the times were fun ones. Sonya, especially, was determined to have her picture taken with some of these people, even if it meant taking a selfie. So, I’ve tried to put together a collection of some of these experiences.

What fun!


Strolling along the Planty, Krakow

The first photo was taken in Krakow in the Planty, the park established around the city after the fortified ring walls were demolished by the Austrians in the early 1800s. We walked through the park on our way from Krakow Castle back to Rynek Glowny, the main square. Some of the paths had outdoor photo exhibits on Pope John Paul 11 and on the Wieliczska Salt Mine (see here ).

A number of different music groups treated the strolling visitors to outdoor music. We stopped to listen to these two men playing traditional Polish folk songs. Sonya put some coins in their box and when they heard we were from USA they started singing “Glory glory Halleluiah”!! It was really funny and touching—wonder why they associate that song with USA?


On the main square, Prague


Sonya, Viv, Nath in front of long-suffering castle guards

In Prague, Sonya greeted a musician on the edge of the main square, a talented man called Vladimir Pinta. She took selfies and they posed for photos, and we were all happy.

Also in Prague, at the lower entrance to the Prague Castle complex, we tried to get a photo of us with the castle guards—we didn’t get too close though, as that seemed a little intrusive, and those long-suffering guys have thousands of people posing near them every day.


suitarmorSJust for fun, also up on the Castle Hill complex: Golden Lane (Zlata ulicka) is lined with picturesque tiny houses, which once housed the castle guards and now have tourist and craft shops. At one of them Sonya and Nath said hi to a fine-looking suit-of-armor.


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