Final Meal in Prague



Entrance on the side

Pizzeria and Restaurant Vlaznich

This was very close to our apartment and we passed it every day (just opposite the Bohemian Bagel place and next door to the Malta Embassy), so decided to go there for our last supper in Prague. Turned out it was a great choice. It’s a lovely little place, more traditional than most we’d seen/eaten at in Prague up till then.

The front façade is fairly unassuming with 3


Outside tales with old treadle sewing machines

windows that allow a peek inside, and the entrance is at the side off a small passageway. There are English menu and boards outside, but it offers very traditional décor and food. It’s not large inside, but packed with atmosphere and an eclectic collection of old kitchen, household and agricultural items—painted wooden window frames, coffee grinders, alarm clocks, enamel dishes, baskets, rakes, scythes etc. There’s even an old rocking horse on a high, suspended shelf and the few tables outside at the entrance door have old treadle sewing machines.


An interesting collection of things inside


See the rocking horse, top left


Rod, Sonya and Nath wait for their dishes

Rustic wooden tables and chairs add to the old-style charm. This interior sets a warm, comfortable mood, which was continued by the very sweet young waitress, and then topped by the food! We got there quite early when there were not many other customers, but by the time we left it had filled up a lot.

The menu is quite large so we had trouble choosing, but opted for 2 Greek salads to share, a Caprese salad, a pepper steak, and 2 pig’s knees (weren’t quite sure what those were—a kind of German eisbein). We were surprised and amazed when the pig’s knees dishes arrived, as they were so huge! All the food was very good too.


Oh my goodness….Nath’s pork knees arrive!


Rod attacks his pork knees too!

RSNfoodPrice wasn’t bad either. For all that food for 4 people, and a beer, still water, bottle of Czech wine and 4 covers (includes bread), plus tip we paid 3320 CZK (ca US$ 132)

A great find.

Open 11am-11pm

After we got back home to USA we looked on TripAdvisor and saw that this restaurant received quite a number of negative/bad reviews. I have to say that this was not our experience at all—we have nothing negative to say about the place, the food or the service. Must depend on the day/month or something!wine




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