Beer Garden in Prague


muralout2Malostranska Pivnice, at Cihelna 3

This beer garden with the eye-catching mural is next door to the offices for Charles Bridge Apartments (we had one of their apartments on a different street), so we noticed it as soon as we arrived.

We ate here one evening and found it a fun place with a pleasant atmosphere and excellent food. It has a large open courtyard with trees and NSRtableumbrellas, in the German or Austrian style. Big long benches for sharing are arranged in the courtyard and luckily the weather was good, so we could sit outside. On the benches are containers with hanging pretzels (preclik)—they look good and interesting, but actually the pretzels were pretty stale, and you pay extra for them. We tried one, but wouldn’t bother again. Many restaurants in Czech Republic (including this one) charge a cover per person for a basket of bread, and that is really worth it as the bread here is very good (often whole grain and with many seeds).



Pork dish


Our stale pretzels!!

Many tourists come here, so the menu is also in English and most of the wait staff speak English, which does make it easier for visitors.

The cost was very reasonable too. Our total (without tip) was around $68 (1720 CZK). That was for a pilsner Urquel beer, a bottle of water, a bottle of Czech wine, a lamb dish, 2 pork tenderloins stuffed with spinach and walnuts, a pork cutlet dish, 4 covers and one pretzel.

Note that in Czech Republic the tip/service is generally not included on the bill, and it’s customary to give an extra 10%.cutlet


Excellent Czech wine



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