Prague’s Panorama Pergola


We approach the entrance to Panorama Pergola

A City Vineyard and  Wine With a View

Rod and I had found this by chance before on our last trip and were so impressed that we wanted to show Nath and Sonya. It was just as good and didn’t fail!

The Panorama Pergola is part of the Villa Richter complex, down the side of the hill below the Castle, at the end of the Castle promontory (closest to the river) and surrounded by newly replanted vineyards. The Villa Richter complex has 3 restaurants, all with amazing Prague views, but we think the Pergola is the nicest.


The amazing view from our table


Nath waits for her tea

As you exit the lower Castle gate, you’ll see another gate leading to a vineyard— Svatovaclavska Vinice, St Wenceslas Vineyard ( ). These vineyards, between the support wall of the Old Castle Stairs and the upper scenic overlook ledge path, have been replanted fairly recently, although the vineyard’s early beginnings date back to the 10th century AD. According to legend, this is one of the oldest vineyards in Bohemia and was cared for by (St) Wenceslas, the patron of the Bohemian Lands (now part of the Czech Republic).


They even have their own labeled tea bags

view3Stroll downhill through the vineyard and you’ll come first to the Panorama Pergola, a string of outdoor tables on a terrace with a pergola that overlooks the vines on a steep slope and the city below. The pergola is stepped down so it’s an amazing concept (hard for the servers though, who have to run up and down the hill). It’s a very special place, as you are sitting under a leafy pergola, surrounded by a hilly vineyard in the city (not too many places in the world have that!). Plus, there’s the killer, panoramic view of the city spread out below.


Wine and tea in a remarkable setting


A sign about the type of grape on that vine

Here you can get wine, sandwiches, and cold plates, all with these wonderful views. They specialize in wines from Bohemia and Moravia. Open 10am-11pm daily. Rod, Sonya and I had a glass of rose wine each, and Nath a special herb tea, which we sipped and savored. The rose was dry and pleasant and we really enjoyed just sitting there, relaxing and soaking up the view and the very concept. Total 306 CZK (ca US$12).

If you are ever in Prague and have spent the day/afternoon in the Castle complex, this is a lovely spot to relax with a drink before going looking for a dinner place.

Lower down are the more pretentious Piano Nobile and Piano Terra (Czech dishes)—a bit out of our price range.Nlooking

Who was Wenceslas, that the vineyard is named after? We know he was a good king, from the well-known Christmas Carol, “Good King Wenceslas Looked Out…” He was Saint Wenceslaus 1, Duke of Bohemia (AD 906-935), who was considered a martyr and a saint soon after his death. He was assassinated by his own brother and is buried in St Vitus Cathedral, up in the Castle complex. He is the patron saint of the Czech state and many places in Prague and the Czech Republic are named after him.

Lots of information here:,_Duke_of_Bohemia





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